Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a traveller exploring a new city, a commuter or someone who believes in magic? This app is made for you.
You will find stories about the places you visit. You will find history, ideas, drama and fiction. Who knows what else?
Everywhere. There are chances that you can find a story wherever. But in every location odds are different. You should keep on searching. Hint: Tap the explore button.
Some cities are populated with red circles. You will always find a story there. It’s just perfect for travellers!
You get one story a day for free. For unlimited experience go premium for just 5,49€. It unlocks the app for a month. This is not a renewable subscription. Once your premium month expires, buy again to explore without limits.
The stories will always be in English, however you can choose to read them in the local language of your location (if it is available). Meaning, if you’re in Paris, in French. Set the language through the menu of the app.
All the stories in Artelot are dramatised (text and image), as if you watch a movie. However, you will always find accurate historical information just under the story in the yellow box that follows.
For the moment the app is available for iOS devices. For better experience, we recommend to use smartphones that support Augmented Reality. The android version is coming soon. Stay tuned.